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Health Solution :

Hospital Management System (HMS) and Electronic Patient Healthrecord (EPHR)
Hospital Management System (HMS) and Electronic Patient Health record (EPHR) is an integrated system which helps to speed up the hospital management as well as patient record keeping.

Why is it important?
Government of India is coming up with new regulations on
1) To keep and maintain patient records,
2) To update hospital facilities on regular basis with district authorities,
3) Report some of the reports in electronic formats such as FORM 16 for sonography centers.
HMS - local server based system which involves all the essential features for managing individual specialty to institutional hospitals.
Features of HMS
It works on hospital management work flow. Detail process flow is shown in separately attached file. It is equally efficient for one to multi-faculty hospitals when centrally managed. Each doctor has access to his patient’s record directly and he can share
the complete or part of the record with other doctor if needed.
It is completely customizable, all the features (e.g. in built examination to reduce doctors typing load) and format of reports can be easily modified by Doctors or any administration who has rights to change.
How is it different than other HMS:

  •  All the reports (investigation) and records of patient are kept and available in the digital form and are therefore integrated, so the complete information can be retrieved any time.
  • It can be synchronized with hospital pharmacy, giving doctors immediate intimation onavailability of medicine,-suggestion on alternative medicine etc.
  • All the investigation request can be sent to the laboratories or diagnostic center via web- (provided the diagnostic center uses EPHR  It will have an optional feature to upload FORM 16 from sonography centers directly to web-based records (mandatory by Govt. of Maharashtra in certain districts).
  • Various hospitals can be connected through HMS to share facilities like operation theater, diagnostic facilities etc.